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Alfa Laval Nordic, a sales organization with offices in 4 Nordic countries, gathers once a year for a team building day, which includes different activities that aim at creating a joint Nordic spirit with good atmosphere and building relations across our organization. During the 2013 event, Alfa Laval Nordic hired Vocal Factory lead by Claus Christensen in connection with this internal event. The task was quite simple: each of the 4 teams located in different offices had to learn a song and act as a choir in only 90 minutes, after which the teams would compete for the coveted “Nordic Cup” by performing live via Skype for each other and have a so-called “Nordic Song Contest”. 

The Vocal Factory has played an important role in the preparatory phase of this event, as the concept required for the same activity to take place in all 4 countries at the same time. Claus helped us find choir masters and organists on location, taking care of the practicalities. He has been the contact person throughout the whole process and has been extremely cooperative and helpful. As a result, the event has run smoothly and without hick-ups, leaving us with a unique experience, which we will remember for many years to come.  

The whole team building activity has been a huge success internally, as it has created a sense of togetherness through music, lifting spirits and leaving everyone in the company. This is by far the most fun our employees have had at a team building event, which only goes to show that music can create bridges across boarders (even via Skype) and concur fear and shyness, break down barriers between people and open doors for new experiences.