fra Avis venire - september 2015

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Feedback fra Sales and Service teambuilding hos IVFTech - April 2015

The opening session at the distributor meeting was amazing!!!
First of all it was something unexpected and I will remember it always. You never expect to have such fan when you are going for training.
In the beginning I was thinking that it will be just one song for relaxing and welcoming all to the meeting.
But it appeared to be much more than this. Everyone (from the younger people to the older ones) were in the beginning of this session very tight, but at the end all together made one unique team of singers and dancers who laughed and really enjoy it.
Thomas - Greece

The opening session was fresh, fun and stimulating from a handsome guy with a great voice.
I have tried teambuilding all over the world at different events and conferences - this is the best one by far. The combination of music, singing, learning and sharing ideas was so much fun.
Aditya - India

Excellent opening of workshop
Loise - Kenya

Thanks for making us feel home
Ahmed - Egypten

Big warm welcome and made to feel special
Martin - UK